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For stately trees in rich array, For sunlight all the happy day,
For blossoms radiant and rare, For skies when daylight closes,
For joyous, clear, outpouring song From birds that all the green wood throng,
For all things young, and bright, and fair, We praise thee, Month of Roses!

For blue, blue skies of summer calm, For fragrant odors breathing balm,
For quiet, cooling shades where oft The weary head reposes,
For brooklets babbling thro' the fields Where Earth her choicest treasures yields,
For all things tender, sweet and soft, We love thee, Month of Roses!
--by Elaine Goodale
Saguaro National Park at Sunset  AZ-15South Rim of Grand Canyon  AZ-7South Rim of the Grand Canyon  AZ-4South Rim of the Grand Canyon  AZ-5South Rim of the Grand Canyon  AZ-6South Rim of the Grand Canyon  AZ-8South Rim of the Grand Canyon  AZ-9South Rim of the Grand Canyon  AZ-10South Rim of the Grand Canyon  AZ-11South Rim of the Grand Canyon  AZ-12South Rim of the Grand Canyon  AZ-13Sunset at Saguaro National Park  AZ-1Sunset at Saguaro National Park  AZ-2Sunset at Saguaro National Park  AZ-14Sunset Over Lake Powell  AZ-3Blue Hole Falls TN-6Copperas Falls TN-15Meigs Falls  TN-26

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